Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zuko and Shiba World Domination

As the official mascot of a company and a VIP (Very Important Pup), I haz Zuko Cam! Humom says it iz to spy on me, I say it iz to help accomplish #shibaworlddomination. *huff* You can find the live action here when humom remembers to set it up. But wait! If you missed it you can see the replays there too. Like this one of me being pawesome and baking in the sun:


 I think we will accomplish our World Takeover soon! If this isn't enough, be sure to go Vote Shiba 2012 on the Squishables contest before May 7th!!

 -- Posted By Prince Zuko

1 comment:

  1. Hi very nice Shiba. Where did you pick yours up? I live in the SF Bay Area. I've been looking around and nothing appears to be local. Any leads if you can help?