Monday, July 18, 2011

Shibapalooza: The #Twibas

Hi everyone! Iz Prince Zuko here. Mom is working on a few blog posts for Shibapalooza, but I wanted to share two things with all my Twibas! First: the Twiba bandana: 

Pink Twiba bandana modeled by Tokyo Shiba (@tokyoshiba)
The ruff and tuff camo Twiba bandana as modeled by me!

Taro (@_tar0_) shows tuffness comes in all sizes. 
Mom found these at K9 Design online. The are nicely stitched and the lady who runs the shop was very sweet. Mom first requested #Twiba, but Betty wrote back and said her machine couldn't do the "#" sign, so mom went with just Twiba. The bandanas arrived three days later! They aren't cheap, but mom said she couldn't find anyone who would just do one bandana at a time so it was worth it. She couldn't afford to buy in packs of 100!!

Next up: Mom was the "Shiba Whisperer" this weekend because she had so many pawesome treats. And we Twibas are a sucker for good noms. You can see some early photos of all of us lined up being good here on my sisfur Suki's hudad's blog.

So what were those tasty noms?

And there you have it! Noms = good. Twibas = pawesome. 

More coming soon!

-- A very tired Prince Zuko


  1. I must get a Twiba bandana for Mika as well! :) As for Kyuubi, I'm not sure what to get for him, as he isn't a Twiba... hmm, any suggestions?

  2. I looove the pictures of Twibas lining up for treats, in Suki's hudad's blog. It's just the cutest thing. And you are in the center of that looking all regal. You are such a prince,Zuko.

  3. Hmm, the SoCal Shiba picnic was much more colorful than the NorCal picnic!

    Everyone looks so great. I was also very impressed by all the Twibas' nice down-stays.